Hadoop for Humans

Hadoop Open Platform-as-a-Service (Hops) is a distribution of Apache Hadoop for normal people, not just Data Engineers. You can install it with three mouse clicks from Windows/Apple/Linux. Hops provides a WebUI to manage projects, search and visualize your DataSets and interactively analyze your data. Hops is made possible by a new scalable, highly available, customizable metadata architecture for Hadoop.

Project-based Multi-Tenancy 

HopsWorks is built around projects. Projects are fully isolated from one another. Project owners manage them: add/remove people like in GitHub, share DataSets between projects (like in Dropbox). Free-text search of the filesystem with ElasticSearch.

Simplified Operations

Hops replaces >10 Hadoop service instances with a single database, reducing the operational complexity of Hadoop. Gone are: Zookeeper, Quorum-based journal servers (HDFS), Standby NameNode(s) (HDFS), Snapshot Server (HDFS).

 Deploy in a few mouse clicks

Launch a Hops-Hadoop stack (Spark/Flink/YARN/HDFS) with just a few mouse clicks. We provide support for the automated installation of Hops on AWS/GCE/OpenStack/Vagrant/On-premises with Karamel/Chef.

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