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Issue Tracker

In Hops we use JIRA to track both bugs and improvements. Feel free to open a request!

We keep track of Hops issues using the Hops JIRA instance


We keep track of HopsWorks issues using the HopsWorks JIRA instance


Single-host command-line installer for Ubuntu

Make sure you have a user with

  • sudo privileges (no sudo password required),
  • and an openssh public/private key without a password and
  • the fully-qualified domain name for this host is in the /etc/hosts file.

See more here.

 wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hopshadoop/karamel-chef/master/hopsworks-installer.sh
 chmod +x hopsworks-installer.sh

How to install HopsWorks on Vagrant (Ubuntu or Centos)

Click here for instructions

How to install HopsWorks on Amazon (AWS/EC2) (Ubuntu or Centos)

HopsWorks Overview

Slides in ppt format